Oh, no—it’s that time again. You smile as convincingly as you can and pretend you’re taking your fur baby to their favorite place in the world, yet somehow they still know—without you saying that dreaded three-letter word. (V-E-T.)  A trip to the vet shouldn’t be an experience that fills your pet with fear.  In fact, veterinary visits should be the opposite. We think you and your pet would unanimously agree—we certainly do. This is why our clinic has worked to be certified Fear Free.  What is a Fear Free visit? To put it simply, it’s a series of steps we take—from the home to the car ride to your visit to the veterinary hospital and your trip home again—that take the stress out of veterinary visits for your pets (and, of course, you!). We think the Fear Free certification program says it best: “Fear Free visits eliminate fear, anxiety and stress, and create an experience that is better and safer for all involved, including pets, owners and veterinary health care teams.”  Here are just a few things we’re dedicated to in becoming Fear Free: 

>  Reducing or removing anxiety triggers that can cause pets to become fearful at home, in transport or at the veterinary hospital

>  Helping owners deliver calm pets to our hospital

>  Enhancing the quality of medicine in our practice

>  Improving safety for our amazing veterinary team

That doesn’t sound so bad, right?  We’re happy to answer any questions you have!